Sundress Refashion

Sundress Refashion

Once upon a time there was a young woman with a closet. This closet was chock full of clothing that didn’t really fit the young woman’s sense of style, but being young and a woman, she kept clothes in it to make it look full.

As time went on, the young woman started to understand what looked nice on her, what didn’t age her or make her look like the old woman in the room trying to look younger. She started to pay attention to quality and name brands versus price tags. The closet evolved into something she wasn’t ashamed of anymore. At least not quite as much.

Then one day, the young woman came upon a book called Closet Therapy. She read this book, took everything in it to heart and realized that many of her clothes were still not appropriate to her style. She still only wore a few things regularly while others hung sadly in the closet. Being resourceful and creative, the young woman decided to make her closet happy. She sorted her discarded clothes into piles called Step Down and Repurpose. The Step Down pile demoted some of the career clothes to casual because at her age, there really was no reason to wear Wet Seal clothes to work. No brainer.

The Repurpose pile however, gave her a sense of challenge and excitement. From the Repurpose pile, she could take items that were dated and make them into something new and useful. One of the Repurpose items was a tea-length yellow dress that the young woman knew would be nice as a casual sundress. She whipped out her cutting mat, rotary cutter, sewing machine and thread and got to work.


Repurposed Sundress



Closet Repurpose

When the young woman put on the dress, she felt transformed to summer, a season that feels like it’s taking forever to arrive. Follow the young woman’s lead. Rescue an item of clothing from a long, sad life in your closet and make it into something fresh and alive.

Sundress Refashion


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