Pallet Wine Rack

Pallet Wine Rack

So…. I’ve had two pallets in my basement since maybe last summer. Initially, I intended to make a kitchen table with them. Then a table for the Man Cave. Then a book case. Then an outdoor planter. And finally, I decided they would just sit in the creepy corner of the basement until I REALLY felt moved to do something with them.

See, the problem was all the tools involved. And tools mean cash. Ironically, I will part with my cash for anything, except manly stuff, so buying tools to make all the projects instantly reverted to pallet banishment. The Hero, finally fed up with the pallets boring a hole in the back of his head in the Man Throne, confronted me:

The Hero: What are you going to do with those pallets?

Me: I’m going to make bookcases.

The Hero: When?

Me: Do you want cake?

The Hero: Sure. When are you going to make the bookcases, D?

Me (panicking at the thought of baking AND backfired subject change): Um…. This weekend…?

The Hero: Okay. It’s no rush, but either make something or throw them away.


I checked my crafting budget and decided that I just needed to bite the bullet and buy a regular saw, sander and jig saw. Being tool-price ignorant, I was sure all of these would run me $150. To my utter delight, they were less than $75! I had enough left to get the required hardware, screws, stain and paint. It was awesome.

From one pallet, I made two projects: a book case each for the Man Cave and craft room and a wine display for the kitchen. I used the slats from the second pallet to secure the bottoms of the three projects. Honestly, you’ll only need the jig saw and sander for this project. It will take significantly less time, unless you have lumberjack fantasies. (That will get pretty old, pretty quick though. Trust me.)

I found a really simple picture to show where to make the cuts for the projects. You can modify the cuts if your pallet is a different size. Keep in mind though, that you want to make sure the cut is flush, not necessarily even. I found out the hard way that whoever built my pallet didn’t care because my cuts were uneven even though my measurements were straight.


  • 2 pallets
  • Wood screws
  • Super glue (I used E-6000)
  • Drywall anchors (I bought the ones that hold up to 79 pounds)
  • Stain or paint
  • Jig saw
  • Electric sander or sand paper (course, medium and fine grain)
  • Drill

Make the cuts using the picture below as a reference.

Pallet Wine Rack
(c) Me and Madeline

Remove boards from the second pallet and cut to size. Apply a layer of glue to either the pallet or plank and secure with a wood screw. (I suggest two screws on each end.)

Sand the pallet to smooth the rough edges, using coarse to fine grain for the best results. Apply stain or paint and allow to dry according to product instructions.

Hang using the drywall anchors. I suggest securing the project to the wall using two screws in each space.

Pallet Wine Rack


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  1. Tip on the pallet wine rack, pick out a real good pallet to start your project. if you want it to look half way decent. i just made three wine racks, it took me 7 hrs. i had had a bunch of not so good pallets,( all broken up) but they came out nice. an im a one armed X carpenter. lol motor cycle acct. never give up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to do an ottoman, but I thought it would be too hard. I may still try though. I’ll stop by and link up on your site!

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