DIY DeVa: Coat Rack

DIY Coat Rack

This coat rack came by request. The Hero got tired of hanging his frequently worn coats and jackets in the closet and asked me to come up with something we can hang our coats on without going in the closet all the time.

The dresser in my craft room is a dual-use piece of furniture. One side holds, um, my personal stuff and the other side is empty. After three moves and four kids, the bottom drawer finally died. While I couldn’t salvage the sides or bottom, I did hold on to the front in case I was inspired to make another jewelry rack. But when The Hero asked me to make the coat rack, the salvaged drawer front came immediately to mind. And since I’m the only one who actually uses the craft room, I felt just fine having five working drawers and robbing a couple of their knobs to make the coat rack hold a few extra coats.

DIY Coat Rack


  • 1 drawer front
  • Fabric
  • 2 screws
  • 1 piece of frame wire
  • 3 drywall anchors and crews
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Drill (for creating extra hooks)

If creating extra hooks, measure and drill additional holes in the drawer front.

Measure a piece of fabric to cover the drawer front. It should wrap on the back at least an extra inch. Pull the fabric taut and staple to the back of the drawer front.

DIY Coat Hook (2)

Mark the placement of the screws on the back, making sure they’re even. Screw in one screw within about ¼”, wrap the wire around the screw and finish tightening the screw. Repeat on the other side.

DIY Coat Hook (1)

DIY Coat Hook

Decide where you’re going to hang the coat rack on the wall. With the level, draw a line and even space marks for the three drywall anchors and screws. Insert anchors completely into the wall and tighten screws to between ⅛” and ¼“. Hang the coat rack on the wall, making sure to set the wire on all three screws for even weight distribution. Add coats.


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