Carlos Santana Shoe Redux and Trend of the Month

Trend of the Month

Trend of the Month on Marionberry Style is back! I missed the last few, but this month is easy: black and white! I have plenty of choices, but it was hard narrowing it down to one. So I went for the outfit that I wore to dinner the day The Hero and I got married.

The only thing I changed was the shoes. I recently bought a pair of Carlos by Carlos Santana peep-toe shoes on sale. It was like heaven opened up and shined on those shoes. This is what they were supposed to look like:

Carlos Santana Unfortunately, after I got home and further inspected my new purchase, the flower on one of my shoes was permanently defluffed. After dying a little inside, I set them in the closet and waited for an idea to hit me.

That brings us back to the Bill Cosby sweaters The Hero got from his dad.

ugly sweater

I made an infinity scarf out of one and was just about to toss the one above when an idea hit me. In order to save the Carlos Santana’s, I could make bows from the strips of leather on the sweater. And as if it were meant to be, the leather strips were the perfect width.

I created simple bows by sewing a strip of leather around another bunched up strip. I glued the bows on the shoes and since there were holes from where I removed the flowers, I sewed the bows on for extra staying power. End result: salvaged Carlos Santana’s and the finishing touch to my Trend of the Month look!

Carlos Santana Shoe Redux

Carlos Santana Shoe Redux


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