DIY DeVa: Wine Glass Art

Wine Glass Art

Remember the wine glass inspiration post? I made these wine glass bottles a couple of weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to actually posting them. I went through a frosted glass phase and frosted any glass surface I could get my crafty hands on.

These bottles are a lot of fun. The design possibilities are endless and now, after just having a small birthday party for The Hero, I now have a variety of bottle shapes and sizes for creating new pieces for the house.

The process for creating these is really simple.  After the bottles are finished, you can add embellishments to further decorate the design. And they make an incredibly nice Valentine’s Day gift for yourself or someone special.



  1. Remove any labels and glue from the bottle. Wipe surface with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints.
  2. Outline the design with tape. Any taped area will not be painted, so be sure to consider this when making the design.
  3. Mix the etching effect medium with acrylic paint(s). Use the pouncer to apply the paint to the bottle. If the paint isn’t vivid enough, let the first coat dry and apply a second coat.
  4. After all the paint is completely dry, remove the tape.

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