DIY DeVa: Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf (2)

About six years ago, I decided I wanted to be a little more girly. My accessory repertoire was atrocious. Awful. Barely existent. I had a pair of gold hoops my mother bought me when I was 19 (only to be followed up a year later with me announcing The Kid was on the way) and a series of necklaces that screamed “grown woman trying to look younger!” Necklaces in my perceived age group were outside of my price range, sooo I bought my first jewelry making set, some beads and got started making my own.

That’s how it happened with repurposing items too. In my early Pinterest days, I found thousands of ways to transform old stuff into something new. Since then, I’ve repurposed a lot of items that would have gone to Goodwill and increased my wardrobe and accessories by leaps and bounds.

Last weekend, The Hero showed me two Bill Cosby-like sweaters he found in a box of stuff he got from his dad. We laughed at the designs and he asked me if I could use them. At first, I thought about making the Bill Cosby sweater my new style, but then I decided against it as it was at least two sizes too big and took me back to the 80s, a decade I’m happy to leave in the past. I let them sit on the chair for a day or two before I decided to turn them into warm infinity scarves.

I found a simple tutorial for the infinity scarf here. The steps are so easy and the photos are cool, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here. The only thing I did differently was cut one side open, sew the cut edges together and close the side opening so I could reduce the number of fuzz balls that will inevitably get stuck in my locs.


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