DIY DeVa: Menu Board

DIY Menu Board

I’m not OCD, but I love lists. The idea of checking something off gives me a sense of accomplishments. It’s like getting scratch-n-sniff stickers on papers with good grades in elementary school. I strive to have check marks and strike throughs on pieces of paper at the end of the day.

Menu planning falls into that category. Sort of. I make a meal plan and create a grocery list around it. Unfortunately, it’s the piece of paper I can’t find or don’t feel like going to get  when I need it. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s upstairs in the craft room when I’m down in the kitchen. Taking 26 steps just doesn’t seem worth it. At all.

I’ve seen menu boards on Pinterest and at one point had a picture of one on the Wall of Inspiration. After the big clean-up though, that project didn’t make the cut. After last week’s shopping excursion when I bought two of everything I didn’t need and none of what I did, I figured it was time to make the menu board. You can use fabric or scrapbook paper for this project as well. Here’s a great tutorial for fabric and one for paper. And in case you’re wondering, we’re halfway through the week so I don’t want The Hero thinking he has seven options.


DIY Menu Board

  • Picture frame
  • Frost etching effect medium
  • Acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Pouncer

1. Measure the frame glass and tape off eight squares. The measurements don’t have to be exact, but feel free to measure and divide.

2. Mix the paint with the etching medium and paint each square. I used the four colors in my kitchen.

3. Let the paint dry, place the glass in the frame and hang.

Feel free to write the days of the weeks on the glass in Sharpie or apply labels. I didn’t  because I usually change the order of the meals based on what I want to prepare on any given day.


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