Fabric Journal

Fabric Journal (5)

I promised this year to make gifts for people near and dear to me. By doing this, the recipient has something that no one else does and it makes me feel good to produce something with my own two hands.

My friends’ and family members’ birthdays and anniversaries come in spurts. January is loaded. There’s my stepdad, The Kid, and two friends’ birthdays, plus my brother’s anniversary. February is pretty intense too, with The Hero, my brother, my cousin and one of my best friends. There’s a little bit of a lull until the end of May when there’s a birthday every week for six weeks straight (including mine). Talk about the creativity flow.

But back to January. Two friends with birthdays that I needed to make gifts. The first was a wine glass lanyard. I hit that one right on the head. She loved it! The second is a journal. Not just any journal, but one covered in pretty fabric and gleaming with jewels.

The journal wasn’t hard to make. FedEx Office did the hard work. All I had to do was make it pretty. I have a stash of fabric from refashioned items that I’ve been dying to use. While I didn’t take pictures of the process, it’s really simple.

Note: The process is easier if you open the journal, slip a piece of cardboard or plastic between the cover and pages and apply the ModPodge. You’ll also want to have your fabric ready because the ModPodge starts to dry pretty fast. Or maybe I’m just slow….


  • ModPodge
  • Fabric (amount depends on the size of your journal)
  • Paintbrush
  • Rhinestones (optional)
  • Scissors
  1. Apply a generous layer of ModPodge to both covers. Lay the fabric on one cover, close the notebook and flatten the fabric on the other side. This insures that the fabric will lay flat and not pull when you open and close the book. Let the fabric dry.
  2. Trim the excess fabric along the outer edges. I used a rotary cutter, but scissors work fine too. You can leave it as is, but my fabric was thin and didn’t look quite right on the spiral, so I trimmed the fabric to cover just the front and back. Apply another layer of ModPodge and let dry.
  3. Add your embellishments. Feel free to add glitter, ribbon, buttons, pearls or any other decorations to make it pretty.

Fabric Journal (6)


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