DIY DeVa: Wine Bottle Art Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just get tired of seeing my stuff in the same old way. The Hero and I decided to rearrange some furniture and once we started, I couldn’t stop. He fixed up the Man Cave and I decided to rearrange the craft/spare bedroom and living room.

I REALLY love the living room. The new arrangement changed the energy in the room and really opened it up. It does something else though: it brings to light that we lack small touches to complete our decorating. We definitely need rugs, but more than that, we need art. The walls and surfaces are screaming for something to dress them up.

Off to Pinterest. I’ve been collecting bottles and jars with the intent to make art out of them. I found these images and will be working on making something out of all the spaghetti, pickle, relish and strawberry preserve jars and wine, Crown Royal and Jack Daniel bottles that I just couldn’t put in the recycling bin.

wine art
I love the natural look of the twine
wine art
The painted bottles are cool, but I’m no artist!
wine art
We need more light in the living room and a grouping of bottle lights would be cool
wine art
These are simple and pretty. It would look nice in our open bookcase.
wine art
This would be SO cool. Thinking of this one with an R and D bottle on each side and the date we got married under the picture.
wine art
Sharpie! I have a whole set of cool colored Sharpie markers I could use to color the bottles.
wine art
Who doesn’t love decoupage? It’s easy and beautiful.

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