DIY DeVa: Glitter Stilettos


I bought these shoes from Target for $7. I don’t usually buy shoes from Target, but I couldn’t pass these up because 1) they were in my size 2) I didn’t own a pair of flesh tone stilettos, 3) they looked like they would go perfectly with a dress I was wearing to a wedding and 4) they were $7!

I got them home though and they looked awful with the dress. On top of that they weren’t really my flesh tone. They sat in my closet for six months, getting no love.

It occurred to me that glitter makes everything cute so I decided to give the heel a glitter coat and see how I felt about it. I like them. They would be cute with a pair of jeans, shorts or a cute skirt. I can’t wait for warmer weather to try them out.

GlitterShoes1  GlitterShoes2


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