Kale Crisps


I started actively subscribing to blogs sometime in September 2012. It started with baking blogs because I was positive I was going to open a cupcakery in five years (yes, that plan is out there in the ether somewhere). As my confidence in cooking from scratch grew, I subscribed to cooking blogs. Then I realized I was girly so I subscribed to fashion and beauty blogs. To date, I wake up to about 20 e-mail messages from bloggers.

I like every one of my bloggers too. From them I get all kinds of inspiration to try new things. Sometimes though, I read a title, scratch my head and think ‘huh?’. That’s how I felt the first time I saw a recipe for kale chips. Growing up in a comfort food house, all leafy green vegetables were either made into salad or simmered in a pot with turkey parts. There was no oven involved and surely not just to create a snack. Greens were for dinner only.

The second time I got a kale recipe though, I figured there must be something to it. I mean it WAS the second time I’d seen it and I DO need more leafy green vegetables in my carbed-out life. I read the recipe – while coincidentally snacking on said Parmesan cheese that happened to be sitting next to a bag of kale – and thought ‘It was meant to be.’

They were fantastic! Using the Paula Deen House Seasoning (I can’t remember the last time I used regular salt and pepper), I literally had to put them out of my line of vision before I ate the whole batch. Which didn’t matter because ultimately I ate all of them anyway. The Hero’s ‘palate issues’ got in the way of him enjoying this deliciousness. His loss.

Kale Crisps
adapted from Skinnytaste


  • 1 10-ounce bag of kale, prewashed and cut
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Paula Deen House Seasoning
  • ½ cup shredded Parmesan cheese (in the refrigerated section)


Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly coat two large baking sheets with oil.

Prepare the kale by removing any thick stems and tear into bite-sized pieces.

In a large bowl, add kale. Add the olive oil, coating the kale.

Place on baking sheets. Sprinkle with House Seasoning.

Bake about 10 minutes. Add the shredded parmesan cheese and bake an additional 5 minutes or until the edges are crisp but not burnt.



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