DIY DeVa: Wine Lanyard


Last year, The Hero and I attended the Food and Wine event to celebrate getting married. It was fantastic. He loved the wine and I loved the wine AND food. Unfortunately, all that love with two hands was hard to manage. We ran into one of his friends and she was wearing a wine-glass necklace. I immediately thought how handy that would be for next year’s event.

Yesterday was my friend Renae’s birthday. She loves wine too and is an event planner. I immediately thought of The Hero’s friend’s wine necklace and what a great gift it would be for Renae. I searched online for images for inspiration and set out to make the lanyard.

Let me just say that it took three prototypes to get this final product. The first one was a cloth drawstring wine holder and after I went through the research phase, I realized that it would eventually spill all over the front of someone’s shirt. The second prototype, a braided suede cord sling, was ‘too manly for a woman’ according to The Hero. Guess who got a wine lanyard?

The third was a charm though. It had feminine components but weren’t over-the-top blinged out. Although I don’t have pictures of each step, it’s really simple to create.


• Rubber jar opener
• Scissors
• Wine glass (for measuring)
• Fabric glue (I used ModPodge)
• Small hole punch or sharp object to make a hole in the jar opener
• Scrap fabric
• Ribbon, cord, chain or beaded necklace for strap*

Fold the jar opener and cut into a football shape. You don’t want to make it any smaller, just narrow the sides so the wine glass sits nicely inside the sling.

Apply a layer of fabric glue to one side of the jar opener. Lay the fabric on the glue making sure all of the edges are glued down. Allow the glue to dry. Place the wine glass on the jar opener and mark the sides lengthwise. Cut a slit down the middle about ¼” longer than the width of the bottom of the glass. The goal is to be able to slip the glass inside without making the opening so big that the glass won’t sit properly. If necessary, adjust the slit until the glass is comfortably seated in the jar opener.

Fold the sling in half so that the pointed edges are touching. Poke a hole close to the edge of the sling. Make sure the hole is large enough to thread your strap or jump rings.

Add the strap to the sling and secure the ends. Enjoy your first glass of hands-free wine.

*The strap in the finished picture is a beaded necklace. To create the necklace, I used two pieces of beading wire (approximately 20” each), four jump rings and a toggle clasp. I thought it would be easier to open and close the strap than lifting it over her head. When making the strap, think about the recipient. You want to account for body size so that it sits at an appropriate length.


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