DIY DeVa: First Knitted Scarves…. Ever!

I pride myself on my ability to learn to do anything. Unfortunately, I could never get the hang of crocheting. I tried videos, books even taking a class at Joann and I still couldn’t get the hang of it. After the last failed attempt, I gave up on crocheting and figured if I couldn’t get that, then I couldn’t get knitting either.

This year, however, The Girl told me she really likes wearing scarves and wanted to know if I could make her one. Sigh. Why does life always present me with challenges when I’m pressed for time? I decided to give knitting a try using a loom.

I read reviews online for different brands and after eliminating the Martha Stewart loom and not being able to locate a Knifty Knitter within 20 miles of my house, I settled on a Boye Assorted Loom Set on sale at Joann for $19. I read pretty good reviews about one of their standard looms and figured the odds of the assorted pack being garbage had to be pretty slim. If I got the hang of knitting, I could expand my loom collection and make blankets down the road. Plus, I figured I wasn’t out of anything since I paid for the loom with a gift card.

The verdict? I LOVE the loom. While it certainly isn’t true knitting, I understand how the stitches make up a project. Once I got the hang of casting on and off and checking to make sure the pegs were securely in place after each row, it was a piece of cake. In the last three days, I’ve completed 2.5 scarves. Unfortunately (or fortunately for The Hero), I’m out of yarn and Winter Storm Euclid is currently underway so I won’t be going out any time soon to get more. And if The Girl, The Kid AND The Hero don’t like their scarves, I’ll have three new accessories to add to my closet.

burnt orange scarf  rainbow scarf


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