DIY DeVa: Painted Glitter Sweater

I finally got around to making my glittery holiday sweater. I’m so proud of my creation that I wore it to work today to add a little sparkle to my life.

The painting wasn’t all that hard once I established the design. I stuck with something simple: stripes. I went with the tape method again since it was easier and I found a whole roll of masking tape just lying around the craft room, begging to be put to good use.

On to the tutorial. First things first, lay your top on a hard surface. Put something between the front and back so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side. I recycled plastic notebook covers from work, but you can take apart a couple of cereal boxes and use those. I suggest something a little stiff for the sake of ease, but use whatever you have readily available. Straighten it out as flat as possible. If you need to iron out the wrinkles, do it now. It will make the measuring easier.

If you choose to do diagonal stripes like I did, place the first piece of tape at the longest width of your top. To make measuring easier, I used the width of the ruler to create each stripe.

Glitter 1

Mix your paint and fabric medium according to the fabric medium’s proportions. I used Martha Stewart’s Tintable Fabric Medium and silver paint. I also added fine silver glitter to give it a little extra sparkle. You want to mix in the glitter with the paint. Trust me. You’ll use less glitter and avoid looking like a holiday fairy.

If you’re happy with the paint saturation remove the tape carefully. (See DIY Dot Inspirations and Trials.) If you need a second coat, allow the paint to dry on the surface and apply a second coat. I used two coats since I started with a glittery gold sweater. After the final coat, remove the tape carefully.

Glitter 2

Let your top dry for at least 24 hours. Wear and brighten someone’s day.

Glitter Sweater (8)


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