Body Beautiful – Week Five

This will be my last Body Beautiful update. I realized that I’m content with where I am, minus a little more muscle definition in my thighs and arms. I enjoy tracking by the week and if I maintain this program, I will be fine. What I learned through this experience is mindfulness. By being in the moment when I eat and conscious of why I’m eating, I tend to make better choices. Even when I have a couple of fun-size candy bars.

What’s more surprising for me is not eating a good balance of foods. Last week, I didn’t eat any significant amount of fruits and vegetables or meet my fiber goals, but I was over my carb limit quite a lot. It’s not even that I dislike fruits and vegetables because I love them. What I realized is if I don’t plan to eat them and simply wing it when I’m away from home, the raw fruit and vegetable selection is really quite sparse. I can get a fruit “cup” (which consists of 1 hunk of cantaloupe, 2 grapes, a sliver of a strawberry, a couple of slices of bananas and a piece of honeydew) for $4. That price is ridiculous. For lunch, I can strip down a fat-laden salad to the salad mix, tomatoes, cucumbers and smelly but delicious onions, but besides eating roughage, what else am I getting for the $10 price tag?

One way I decided to combat that this week is to eat vegetables and fruit when I’m at home (my first breakfast and dinner) and heavier food when I’m at work. That works because we consistently have events at work. When I eat light at home, I can save the bulk of my calories for lunches, holiday gift baskets, candy jars and happy hours.

I can also plan walking trips when I’m at work, which can counter the effects of what I eat at lunch. Walking to and from the bus stop burns about 50 calories. Walking to the bank burns about 165 calories. If I decide to go to the library, another 100 calories. If I’m meeting someone after work downtown, I can burn a few more calories by either walking there or walking to a bus stop to catch a bus. It also reduces the amount of time I’m on the treadmill.

Body Beautiful Week 5

I’m down about .75 pounds, my hips are back down and my thighs are a down from last week. That’s pretty good considering our holiday party (with open bar and buffet) was Friday, I went H.A.M. on the lime cookies this weekend and had a Chipotle barbacoa bowl last night for dinner.


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