Body Beautiful – Week Four

What can I say about Week 4? Considering it was a PMS week, I think we sharing a shortbread cookie, piece Red Velvet cheesecake and pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese icing on Saturday with The Kid wasn’t too bad. And there was no Thanksgiving involved like Week 3.

Did I do any strength training? Ha! No. That being out there, I’m going to go ahead and not even say that I’m going to get started with that this week. I’m happy with my walking for now and when the time comes when I feel the desire to move on to push-ups and squats, I’ll go for it. For now though, I’m going with what I enjoy and I enjoy a brisk walk to songs like Gangnam Style.

Body Beautiful Week 4

Okay… on to the data. I’m up a pound since last week, but only my hip measurements are up. My clothes are still fitting nicely and I feel great. I think next week should be good and I’ve been having pep talks with myself all week not to go crazy at the holiday party Friday.

In the meantime, jam with me:


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