Project Body Beautiful – Week 1

Well, here I am one week into Project Body Beautiful (PBB). Things went well. I made as many healthy habits as possible. Someone, however, brought in a mega bag of Starburst and Skittles and put them in plain sight. I tried to avoid them by taking the long way, but they just couldn’t be avoided. They were in my line of vision every time I needed to pick up print jobs, get supplies or water. Each time I passed by those oh-so-delicious, fruity treats they just winked and whispered ‘you know you want me’. Fortunately, I did compensate for the 16 mini packs of Starburst I ate for three days straight, so it didn’t affect my progress too much. And thankfully, they are all gone. But I’m sure you want to see the data.

These are my Week 1 stats along with body measurements (click the picture to enlarge). I decided to measure at the end of each week, so I don’t have a baseline for measurements. Why did I measure my right thigh and left arm? I have tattoos and I can easily remember where I measured to insure accuracy through the weeks. Since last week, I lost 1.8 pounds and the fat pants don’t leave the red ring of shame anymore. That alone makes me cheese from ear to ear!


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