DIY DeVa: Glittery Gradient Nails

I saw these inspiration photos and had a brilliant idea. Using the ombre technique and my new glitter polish from Sephora, I could create a classy holiday nail look. I tried it on my hands last weekend and loved it. Today, it’s time to do my toes.

A few pointers before you get started:

  • Use a cheap clear nail polish to fade the nail polish. The reason I suggest this is because more than likely the color will mix with the clear polish and why ruin a $6 bottle of the good stuff?
  • Don’t give the colored polish a remote chance to dry. Take my mistake as time saved.
  • When applying the top coat of glitter, make sure it’s not too thick. The goal is to create an image of sparkling champagne or muted holiday lights like the inspiration photos above.
  • You may want to leave the bottles unscrewed to work quickly.

Gradient Nails

  • Glitter nail polish
  • Colored polish
  • Clear nail polish
  • Cotton balls
  • Orange stick
  • Nail polish remover

Apply a layer of glitter polish. Allow the polish to dry.

Paint about half of your nail with the colored polish.  

Immediately apply the clear coat, thinning the colored polish at the bottom of your nail (or top if you’re going bottom to top). Allow the polish to fully dry.

Apply top glitter layer and allow to dry. Clean up any polish mistakes and you’re done!



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