Body Beautiful

As part of a total life makeover, I decided to really get serious about getting my sexy back. In addition to curbing my spending and eating better, I figured it would be a good idea to jump-start my healthy lifestyle again. I had convinced myself that the extra pounds made me look more womanly until I saw myself from behind and noticed the new rippling effect on my thighs. When I questioned The Hero, he feigned ignorance (isn’t a husband supposed to tell you these things?!) and quoted his favorite line “Oprah said to love you the way you are.” Umm… Oprah ain’t always right! So I’m taking matters into my own hands. Enter Project Body Beautiful (PBB).

I’ve spent some time analyzing what will work for me now versus what worked in the past. In the past, I felt competitive. The drive to be thinner and leaner than my friends kept me motivated to go to the gym. A gym membership also helped as did living in a neighborhood with even sidewalks. Without the gym (money I don’t want to spend) and desirable neighborhood (risk of tripping increased 97%), I’m forced to come up with ways to get my 30 minutes of cardio in four to five days a week. I’ve decided to use walking on the treadmill as my main source of cardio exercise and as I build my endurance, add strength training to the program. I’m also committing to at least one long yoga workout each week with my favorite yoga video. When the weather gets warmer and sunlight lasts past 4 p.m., I’ll hit the park and add jogging, but I’ve got months before that happens.

Let me also spend a minute talking about calories. It’s the easiest way for me to 1) make good food choices; 2) curb emotional eating by tracking what I eat and 3) stay on track for PBB. The problem with counting calories though is the unexpected goodies during the day. So I decided to log calories in and calories out on a weekly basis. At the end of the week, my goal is to end up with a deficit. There are several places to determine your daily caloric needs. I personally love I can track my food, exercise, fruit and vegetable intake and amount of water I drink. Plus, they have a variety of other resources including free workout videos, recipes and support forums.

Weight isn’t the only measure for health though. Inches lost can be a big motivator as I’ve collected clothes that I really love in the past two years and do not want to buy smaller or larger sizes. So in addition to weight, I’m also going to measure my chest, waist, arms, hips and thighs on a weekly basis. And my clothes will be a nice indicator of how my body is reshaping.

To track how things are going, I created the spreadsheet below. Each week, I’ll post my progress. I’m at the beginning of day three of week 1 and feel great. Staying off the scale is hard, but I definitely noticed my energy level and focus are better. Check back next week for Week 1’s stats. If you’d like to use the spreadsheet, click the picture to download.


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