Vision Boards

I’m an information junkie. So much so that sometimes it retards me from making progress and decisions because I want as much information as possible. Over the years, it’s caused me to stop projects, doubt my dreams and try to change my desires because something seemed too big to tackle and I had no clue where to start. So I made some vision boards:

I’d heard about vision boards before and I seriously tried to create one on I’m starting to believe that at that time I wasn’t open to trusting the process. I wanted to get the RIGHT pictures and line them up perfectly so that my energy flowed across the page and…. The idea became so massive that I drained myself before I even got started. My Oprah vision board consists of an old picture of my kids and some phrases that made me ask myself “What the…?”

Two nights ago, I came to know one more thing I’d like to do even if I didn’t get paid for it. As with all my great ideas, knowing where to start bogged me down. The Universe worked in my favor. I came across this post. At first I didn’t connect my dreams to visual stimuli, but after one text exchange with Naila, I decided to give vision boards another chance. Immediately, my mind was ready to get at it.

I decided I would read only TWO articles on how to put intention into what I was creating. Limiting myself to two articles served three purposes: I could get a better understanding of making it work for me, forced me to take action and stimulated my creativity. My mind literally dumped words out. Seriously. I was writing on scrap pads and Post-It notes so I didn’t forget anything that’s been buried in the recesses of my mind. When I searched for images, I took the advice from Martha Beck and let my body tell me which images to choose. There were a few times I REALLY didn’t want to save a picture, but I did anyway and I’m glad I did.

I printed a copy of each one and also sent them to my phone for mobile stimulation.

Have you ever created a vision board before?


2 thoughts on “Vision Boards

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    1. Ha! Well…. I must be technologically challenged when it comes to my phone because I can’t get it to save as a wallpaper on one of the six screens. It literally saves in pieces over all six.

      The poster above will go in the kitchen and the one for adventure in the craft room. Those feel finished. The business idea one doesn’t, but I think it will work better as a background image or screen saver instead of a poster.

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