A DIY 180

I’m feeling some kind of way right now.

I’d decided to convert a pallet into an organizing structure for the craft room like I saw here on Saved by Love Creations. For the last week, I’ve been deconstructing and sanding my small pallet. Today, I took all of the things on the list I wanted to store in/on it down to the basement to arrange it and see where I would store everything before painting.

My vision and that pallet were not friends. The pallet looked huge and unsightly while all my supplies are small and colorful. So I sat there. And I stared at that piece of wood, begging it to be less… big. And woody.

No luck.

I had hauled ALL that stuff to the basement from the second floor. And not all neatly. No. That would have made too much sense. I dumped everything into a huge bag and bounced down the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning. All of the paint, chalk, brushes, drill bits, mallets, hammers, tubes of glitter and adhesives are just here. Staring. Mocking. Waiting to be put up. Again. I had just finished cleaning up the craft room.

As I feel the funk descend, The Hero comes down and says ‘why don’t you make it into a table for Hero Headquarters?’ I don’t want to make a table for Hero Headquarters. I want a damn craft organizer hanging on the wall. Insert internal whining soundtrack.

Then I had a standstill moment. It was the slow motion arrival of a creative table idea. I didn’t want table ideas, but since I also don’t want to block future energies, I let them greet me. When I told The Hero, he gave me creative freedom to make whatever my heart desired.

And that’s how I end up with a DIY 180. A table wasn’t on the craft schedule until January at the earliest and the craft organizer to be finished by Saturday. But after I take the pallet’s measurements (again), figure out how to design and construct, the table shouldn’t take long. Hopefully, I finish in time to meet my blog deadline this weekend.


3 thoughts on “A DIY 180

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  1. Oh no! Sorry it didn’t work for you, but many happy accidents happen just like this! Can’t wait to see what you do. xo

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