The Circle of Six


Just through living, I totally reconfigured my inner circle.

Of course all six of my Circle are in this picture helping me celebrate my birthday in July.

That may not mean much to some of you, but it means a lot to me. I realized that I grew out of having people in my life just to say I have people in my life. Quality became more important than how long we’ve known each other or quantity.  Energy more significant than favors. Love more important than tolerance.

I figured this out after I read one of my friends’ blog posts on self-care apps for women (a wonderful woman who is in my Circle of Six). I saw the Circle of Six app  and wondered who I would put in the Circle. Who made the cut and added positive energy to my life? Who, even when I was wrong as two left feet, was able to tell me so gracefully? Who inspired me to be more loving, more open to learning and focused on what’s wonderful right now? My incredible List of Six are courageous, successful in more ways than careers and always inspire me. They are the reason I’m still considering my cupcakery concept.

To my Circle of Six, you know who you are (thanks to the text message). I love you dearly. Thank you for being inspiring, open and keeping it classy.


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