DIY DeVa: The Scarf Dress

Pinterest. It’s the love of my creative life and bane of my productive existence. I have at least three bulletin boards of projects that I printed and tacked up to one day create. Technically, I’ve probably created productivity overload. Maybe I should take a week or so off and focus on creating instead of pinning and printing….

Focus. One of the projects I pinned in my early days on Pinterest was this shirt. I also found this really cool designer scarf dress that I printed and posted on the Inspiration Wall.

I finally felt inspired to recreate something similar. Since I didn’t want to waste valuable money on pricey scarves, I decided to try some from the hair store first. I would try to explain the steps I took to make my dress, but this tutorial is pretty easy to follow. The only difference is I sewed my dress closer to my body to mimic the scarf dress above. If you decide to go that route, enlist a helper. Trust me. It’s a lot easier than trying to take a pinned dress off your own body. For the belt, I used orange ribbon ($3 from JoAnn) tied Obi-style. I wore my finished dress to a wedding a few weeks ago and got a lot of compliments on it. I intend to make a few with heavier scarves for fall and wear them with leggings.

me, Laeh and Tomika




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