DIY DeVa: More Shoes

I wanted to complete at least one project this weekend involving shoes. I saw this picture on Pintrest, pinned it and knew that one day something would come to me:

Brian Atwood

A couple of months ago, I painted some red shoes black. I wore them a few times and while they are perfect conservative shoes, I like something with a little more zing.

I happened to be at the Family Dollar around the corner and saw a set of black and gold curtain tie backs. I liked them, bought a pair and proceeded to form necklace ideas.

Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated just how big the tassels were. They were literally almost the size of half my head. I wanted it to work for a necklace, but I finally gave up the idea that I could comfortably rock a tassel half the size of my head around my neck. To the ‘one day’ section of the craft room they went.

So here I am today, thinking of something to do* and an idea hits me to use the tie back cord to jazz up the black shoes.

The first thing I did was hot glue a strip of cord down the center of each heel. I took the remaining cord and created small spirals and hot glued two on each shoe (below).

Spirals from the back

The shoes looked unfinished. To give them a more polished look, I made an extra spiral to cover the ends of the cord and first two spirals.

The third spiral finishes the look

I had extra gold paint left over from another project, so I decided to use it to paint the bottom of the heel. Upgrade complete.

I see ankle pants in my future….



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