Statement Necklaces


I’ve been lazy with my blog. It’s really just me figuring out how to take those five hours after work and get in exercise, time with The Hero, sewing, cooking, creating and meditating all in one evening. (Yes, I know I can spread the crafts out, but I’m an overachiever.) Plus, there are wedding plans now to think about (more on that later). It makes a chica tired.

Anyway, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Marion, has a monthly trend post. This month it’s statement necklaces. There’s a long, long story behind this, but I’ll try to shorten it up. Over on Tara’s blog, Mix and Match Fashion, I won an INPINK gift certificate. Of course, gorgeous necklaces so I thought to myself, why not get my statement necklace from INPINK, support them, link to Tara for the great INPINK giveaway and her blog AND link up to Marion (and a gang of other well-dressed women) over on Marionberry Style?

Thankfully, my necklace arrived yesterday and I put an outfit together that I really liked to pair with the necklace. I played on The Hero’s desire to learn photography and negotiated a photo shoot. He was getting fed up with me because I kept asking questions: Will you please not get the patio in the background? Are you taking a picture of my boobs? Hey… are my goods in that one? Um… were my eyes closed? Why are you taking it from that angle? Is the necklace even in the picture? In the end, he took some that I really liked. Without further ado, my statement necklace pictures and The Hero’s first public photo shoot on Honesty’s Protégée. 

Pattern mixing AND statement necklace














Sometimes I’m a little edgy












Now, go on over to Marionberry Style and check out some gorgeous necklaces and get inspired.


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