DIY DeVa: Comic Book Heels

Comic Book Heels

I’ve seen these comic book shoes all around the Internet. The first pair I saw was flats. They were cute and I figured I could rock them on weekend trips around town shopping and crafting, but I really wanted something a little more spicy. Behold, the comic book heel  (via Pintrest of course). It was on like Donkey Kong (in my Sy voice).

Thankfully The Hero  was able to give me some advice on comics that would have better color and visual selection. In the end, I decided to cut pictures from the couple of comic books I bought, Gotham City Sirens and Marvel Divas. After about an hour of cutting comics and another hour or so placing and gluing them on the shoes, I think the end result is pretty cool.

I still have flats in the back of my mind though and will get around to making them some time in the next month or so. Stay tuned for those pics.

Since I love this project so much, I linked it up on the Much Ado about Monday link party. Check it out there!


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