Pattern Mixing

I’ve recently become interested in fashion. Not just matching outfits, but really understanding what looks good on my shape, buying high-quality garments at a decent price (yay thrift store!) and feeling my way around accessorizing, something I didn’t quite understand until recently. It’s all been fun, especially now that I’m learning how to refashion items that I may have previously given to the thrift store.

J, from my favorite go-to fashion blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, recently went on a 15-day trip to Sierra Leone and in her absence she lined up a series of guest bloggers. Of course, I had to subscribe to at least 10 so now I receive about 15 extra e-mails every day about fashion and make-up. I’m not complaining, but I’m sure I’ll need a new look book pretty soon.

One of the guest bloggers was Marion from Marionberry Style. Each month she has a challenge and this month was pattern mixing. Needless to say the last time I tried pattern mixing was sixth grade and let me just say it was a scarring experience. But I I got past that grade school experience and came up with a subtle outfit for Monday (left). I felt pretty good about Monday’s combo so I went ahead and tried it again today (right).

Mixing it up

Shirt: Milano (TJMaxx)                                    Shirt: Wet Seal
Shorts: Apt. 9 (Kohl’s)                                    Skirt: Joe Benbasset (pants remixed)
Shoes: Luichiny (Heels)                                 Shoes: diba

Up close and personal with the prints/textures:

close up

For more pattern mixing inspiration, see the post on Marionberry Style. If I can do it, so can you.


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