Old Bitty Syndrome

Okay…. I have to be real honest today. I’ve been a bitch lately. Not a little, but a WHOLE lot. And to add insult to injury, it’s for things that, in the grander scheme of the Universe, are really kind of small.

This bit of stanky truth hit me when I realized that I said something that, while innocent, sounded like an old bitty to my own ears. My ears literally came off my head, grew tiny feet, walked across my desk and choked me. Seriously. That’s when I realized that some things had better change.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean I’m about to start reading self-help books and turn into this urban Buddha. I just have to be aware and in tune to what I’m thinking and saying so that I create more of what I want to see instead of more of what I’m dreading. Make sense? The little things that I’ve allowed to disrupt my contentment are easily fixed too. That’s what makes it so insane. Some require a change of perspective. Others a change in how I do things. And all of them need a good dose of gratitude because it could be a hell of a lot worse.

On a truly selfish level, I don’t want to scare off the people who I love and like. I know how I feel around someone who is always complaining and funky so I can only imagine how some people have felt about me lately.

So I’m gonna change my perspective and stop sweating the small stuff. Hey… maybe my back will stop aching too!


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