DIY DeVa: Refashioned Shoes

I bought a pair of white strappy sandals about four years ago when I dedicated my extra money to having colorful shoes in my closet. Back in those days I also wore stilettos as often as I possibly could. Then I went to see the podiatrist and life went downhill from there.

Anyhow, these shoes have been moving with me since I bought them. In all the years I’ve had them, I work them maybe twice. I can’t pinpoint why I never wore them more often, but they just never called my name like my other shoes. As time wore on, I actually started to hate them. Like to the point of putting them in the trash pile.

In comes my DIY fashion love and an awakening to all things creative like never before. I found out I could refashion these strappy banes into something I’d actually wear on a regular basis. I did a quick closet check and realized I needed a pair of dark pink shoes to go with some cute shirts I own.  Then it was off to the shoe-painting tutorial.

I had some pieces of fabric left over from a good-idea-gone-bad blouse I bought at my favorite thrift store. I loved the pattern and decided to add the fabric to the heel for a little pizzazz. I may paint the inside of the shoes black. The pink polka dots and white background are a little distracting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the SD cards for either camera, so in the meantime enjoy the awesome camera phone pics.



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