Birthday Week Agenda

Birthday 2010This is a very exciting time for me. Very exciting. This time for me is what Christmas is to just about everyone else. It’s birthday time. Woo hoo. I’ll officially be in my late 30s.

I decided to have a kick-off happiness celebration to start off birthday festivities. I thought about people who brought positive energy in my life and asked them all to have brunch with me at a new restaurant where I’ll unveil the theme for NYL 2012.

I also took the week off because what better way is there to celebrate than not having to work and cater to everyone else during Dee Week? No brainer. I work to burn vacation time just for my birthday. Well, and for a paycheck, but that’s not the point.

I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to do during Dee Week though because I’d hate to hit the weekend and look back on a bunch of nothing. Maximizing Dee Week, I’ve come up with a tentative schedule:

Monday (My birthday!): Wake up and take a walk or jog. Come home, shower and have a Mint Julep. Cook the breakfast of my choice (no matter how elaborate), have a Belle Collins. Bake cupcakes. Eat Piada and have a Bellini. Come home and make a real Bellini. Nap. Get ready for dinner. Invite friends over and have shots of Skittles Vodka while eating cupcakes.

Tuesday: Low-key breakfast. Water. Aspirin. Shower. Work on the scrapbook from Sunday’s brunch. Watch Spongebob Squarepants every single time it comes on TV. Every. Single. Time. Maybe I’ll cook dinner. Maybe I’ll scavenge something that requires no cooking. Maybe The Hero will cook. Maybe I’ll skip dinner. A few shots of Skittles Vodka (if there’s any left).

Wednesday (Fourth of July!): Wake up and take a walk or jog. Come home, shower and eat some fancy pancakes. Find out who will be grilling animal parts and invite myself over. Eat a salad from Wendy’s. Have a Seagram’s 7 and 7 over strawberry ice cubes.

Thursday: Lay in the bed until 11 a.m. no matter what. Get up, shower, put on a dress and hit the other side of town to take random pictures for the scrapbook. Treat myself to lunch, something spicy, at a restaurant I’ve never been to before. Stay up just long enough to help retard fat gain, then lay in bed and gently fall asleep.

Friday: Wake up and take a walk or jog. Come home, shower and eat home fries (maybe even loaded home fries) with a plate of fruit. Stare at The Hero and ask him what he wants to do. Plan B: get dressed and go to all the craft stores in the city. Splurge on supplies. Shop for clothes. Visit the thrift store.

Saturday and Sunday: Cleveland. Visit the family. Collect gifts (if applicable). Have a good time. Reflect on week. Come back home. Get ready for serving others on Monday. Have a Belle Collins, a glass of Apothic Red, Makers Mark on the rocks and Seagram’s 7 to celebrate fun week and prepare for real life again.



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