DIY DeVa: Slings and Things

I came across an idea on Pintrest that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t committed enough to drive to Lowe’s  to purchase the double curtain rod and then sew everything after I cut the panels. It was a lazy period in my crafting life.

Then an idea came to me. I would convert the panels into a sling that could hang on a single rod instead of a double. I don’t have a lot of books or small kids that I would NEED something strong. I was only storing my idea books and folders. A single rod would hold them perfectly.

Since I started with this tutorial, I made a few adjustments to my single-rod slings:

  • The curtains already had perfectly hemmed sides and tabs. I kept them to shave some time off the project.
  • I folded the piece of fabric about three-quarters of the way up and created compartments based on the size of my books.
  • I used drywall anchors to insure the sling stayed in place. Locating the studs was too much work.

I considered fancy decorations, but following the lazy theme – which included not taking any pictures while constructing – I decided to keep it pretty simple.



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