DIY DeVa: Jeans Refashion

Some time ago I had an epiphany: while I can still wear junior clothes, I shouldn’t still wear them, generally speaking. I don’t know what caused this epiphany. Maybe I woke up one day and realized that I was living a double standard. Watching women, I  detested ones who dressed inappropriately for their body shape and/or age, yet I’m sure there were many instances when I did the same. Particularly the ‘HOT’ shirt from Wet Seal that I wore pretty faithfully. The point is I needed another closet make-over.

After making the three piles (keep, maybe, donate/recycle), I realized that I was really being pretty liberal the last time I did this process. How some of the things survived is beyond me (like the little booty shorts I haven’t worn since my birthday in 2009). On the other end of the spectrum was the size 16 petite (of which I’m neither) Talbot’s salmon-colored khaki-like jacket I bought at the thrift store. I’m convinced I didn’t check the size because I would have left it on the rack. Or maybe I had visions of starting my seamstress life. I really can’t be sure.

Suffice to say, parting with some of these items was hard to do. Fortunately, my addiction to interest in Pintrest  and DIY blogs has allowed me to repurpose some of those items into new, useful accessories. The idea came from the P.S. I Made This… book. I just happened to be looking through the book for projects and came across the one for making a bag out of jean shorts. There’s a YouTube video here.

I happened to have a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans up for recycling. The LEI jeans were once my favorites, but since my distaste for muffin tops outweighs my love for those jeans, repurposed was the way to go. Here’s what I created:

Once I sewed the jeans, I decided to look in my chain and jewelry collection to see what I could use for the strap and decorations. Fortunately, all of the chain and the two pendants came from necklaces and supplies I had on hand. Actually, the cord for the straps and the chain were headed for the trash. Thankfully I hadn’t actually thrown anything away.

These are said booty shorts made into cute bag. The belt was repurposed from another petite thrift store purchase. The strap is from a Coach bag and seeing that I actually detest the strap for its intended purpose, I loved it for this sack. Coach may have a problem with it, but who cares?

I added Velcro in each one to keep them closed. Making both bags took less than two hours. That included taking the necklaces apart and reconstructing them into a ‘belt’.  I’m equally sure this can be done with a skirt as well.


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