Food is Love

I had one of my famous epiphanies today: food experiences are to me what shopping is to other women. I think I need to explain. See, I LOVE food. I had an insatiable relationship with it at one point (evident in my size 16 pants after The Girl was born), but then I had to downgrade it to a love affair. I enjoy food. I enjoy pleasant eating experiences. In my secret life, I’m a food critic. I go to restaurants and have their signature dishes. I go to have dessert (usually to decide if it’s better than what I bake at home). To enjoy happy hour selections (drinks AND food). To bask in the experience of all things edible and liquified. To enjoy what I coin ‘mouth feel’.

I had this epiphany at Buca di Beppo with my free lunch coupon. I went rogue and had wine with my Chicken Parmigiano. I enjoyed the bread with olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan. Now, don’t think that I’m saying Buca is this grand upscale place. No. It was the source of my contentment  today. It provided me an opportunity to enjoy food in a pleasing environment. I had an out-of-body experience about being a critic. Sigh. I guess you had to be me and there to understand the emotion.

Anyway, I figure that this blog is really taking a different turn from when I started writing five years ago on MySpace. Back then I wrote about The Kid, who at the time was 11 and still lived with me. I wrote about a lot of spiritual, mental and emotional epiphanies. I was in a different place, kind of figuring out where I was headed. Now, I’m just going with the flow and those epiphanies just seamlessly get incorporated into life.

I digress. I was thinking about how much joy I feel when I have a nice meal. And I realized that I like writing about my experiences. So there will now be restaurant and venue reviews to go along with all the other things I write about.

In case you’re wondering, I expect to post about necklaces I made this weekend, some clothing refashion, and another book review (I literally just finished it).

DIY and reviews. Who knew this is where I’d be five years later?


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