DIY DeVa: The Jewelry Organizer

I wrote about a totally different project, but I decided the story just wasn’t exciting. I am particularly proud of this project though, mostly because with all the mistakes, starting at Lowes, I figured out how to make it work. After purchasing a couple 1×3 boards, a handsaw, some nails and dowels, I was on my way to jewelry organizer heaven.

Yeah, right. First of all, I’ve never built anything in my life. Although I was the kid in the family that watched my dad fix everything, somehow I forgot building lessons. I sat in my room with my wood wondering if I even had the right nails (Nope. Shoulda bought screws). I put the organizer together on the floor the way I saw it in my head.

The original design.

At first I tried to nail the boards together without drilling holes and that just went awry. I mean awry like there was an ever-present gap between the boards no matter how hard or how many times I hit the nail. I started drilling holes to make the hammering easier. Things were on a roll and I was on board two when I realized I didn’t want to drill a hole all the way through the facing boards. That meant, of course, rearranging the boards to hide the boards with holes on the back side. And being a genius, I thought it would be a good idea to write where each board goes so I didn’t make the same mistake twice.

Genius moment: write where the boards go so I don't drill holes everywhere.

All holes drilled, I started nailing again. The nails were going through just fine and I had the box outlined when I realized that it wasn’t staying in place. The nails were in, but not sturdy. More hammering. All the boards nailed down and…. still moving. Ahhhh! I decided I could live with it though and proceeded to finish the project. By now, I had already poured myself a brandy.

I spray-painted the finished product and decided before I did anything, I mean anything, I would think about it first (better late than never). I screwed in the hooks, cut the dowels to the length I needed and added stoppers on the ends so the rods didn’t slip off. Then I had another brandy and added the earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Another genius moment: a few hooks for extra long and heavy necklaces.

I sipped my brandy, proud of myself for building something until The Hero came in asking an important question: ‘How are you going to get a necklace from the middle off?’ Curses! Why hadn’t I thought about that? Seriously?! I was tired by then and decided that I’d deal with that little problem later. Some time this week, I’ll go get hooks for the necklaces and bracelets without closures. In the meantime, look what I built all by myself. Go me!

My first woodworking project.

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