Backstory Book Review: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

I LOVE the fantasy genre. Syfy is my favorite channel. I wanted to go to the midnight showing of The Bridges of Terabithia. I’ve read 90% of the Guardian of Ga’hoole series. I’m halfway through L.A. Banks’ Vampire Slayer series. And I started reading Lemony Snicket. Noticing a theme?

One day it hit me that maybe, just maybe, I could get into reading some more mature fantasy books. It was time to expand my horizon and read in my age group, not just the teen and tween books. I happened to be on my favorite library website and based on what I was searching, Tim Powers came up as a suggested author. I decided ‘eh… why not?’ I reserved The Anubis Gates and waited patiently for the notification that my adult fantasy adventure was about to begin.

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers


The protagonist, Brendan Doyle, falls victim to an elaborate scheme by a rich eccentric to travel from 1983 to 1810 through a gap in the time/space continuum. While in 1810, an ancient mystic kidnapped him. Out of his era, Doyle was forced into professional begging, body jacked, traveled even further in time to the 1600s, and returned to 1810 to live out the rest of his life as William Ashbless.

I’ll be honest: The first few chapters were boring. And out of boredom, I skimmed. Unfortunately, by skimming I missed an important detail. Had I read carefully, I would have realized that the opening scene introduces Amenophus Fikee, who through magic becomes Dog-Face Joe, a body-snatching, werewolf-like creature. That simple little detail would have made the first 100 pages or so much clearer. Once I realized that simple detail, the book moved faster and I actually started to enjoy it.

Would I recommend The Anubis Gates to you? Maybe. If you read with a purpose and have the attention span for it, read on. If you love quick reads, leave this one on the shelf.


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