Music Makes the Moods Go ‘Round

So when it first came out, I wasn’t feeling Jill Scott’s new album Light  of the Sun, but now, it’s on repeat, particularly Blessed and So In Love.

No, I’m not about to get all sappy and goo-goo eyed, BUT I will say that music has a way of adjusting my mood for a moment and my way of thinking for a while. For example:

    • When I’m pissed off, you can best believe Three 6 Mafia’s Most Known Unknown is somewhere close.
    • When it’s time to get baking, I’m playing get crunk music which includes Crime Mob, Ludacris, Lil John (yes, I know), and the Hustle and Flow soundtrack. I don’t know why this music inspires baking, but I have my best ideas when I hear ‘It’s hard out here for a pimp….’
    • Time to get to a different mind state? Enya and Sweetback. Sometimes I crank the classical too. I particularly like Wynton Marsallis Plays Handel, Purcell, Torelli, Fasch, and Molter.
    • Gym music is such a motley collection. Old Nirvana, Metallica and Nickelback. Some 50, definitely Nas and a whole mixtape of The Roots.
    • Connecting to my sista girl beauty: Jill Scott, Badu, The Roots, Dwele, Raheem, Adrianna Evans, Zhane (yeah, I took it back) and Lauryn Hill.

When I’m grateful and feeling fantastic…. um…. wow. I guess there are too many different genres and artists to really list in this bullet. My top three songs right now though: Mary J. Blige’s Beautiful Day, Musiq’s Momentinlife and Jill Scott’s Blessed.

Music is therapeutic, but I’m sure everyone reading this already knows that. If not, find some music right now and listen! Seriously.

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