It’s the little things

Photoshop makes me look fantastic! Sike. I have been wondering lately how it could ‘enhance’ my pictures since I finished reading Bossypants. Seriously though, I’m stoked. I mean REALLY stoked. Why am I so insanely happy? Found a place to live where the toilet and sink aren’t neighbors.

I also talked to my brother today. There were a bunch of things that made me happy about hearing from him, but the main one was that he was fine. And I realized that my thinking about what I make manifest has changed, in a good way.

My creativity has come back full blast. I have a bunch of projects I want to make and in said new space, I’ll have a space to make them. On the list are:

  • Chalk board for the kitchen. I found some great ideas on how to do it on this blog.
  • Making rugs from pretty tablecloths.
  • Putting together my own cupcake stand thanks to Tidy Mom.
  • Wall art for the basement.
  • Cute stocking lamps I saw on StyledOn. I have colors in mind of course, but first I have to determine the best way to paint the cord.
  • Zipper bracelets. These seem too easy NOT to make.
  • Comic book flats, but I’m thinking identical and made from Gotham City Divas comics.
  • Start the beer cap men’s bracelets. I mean, we have enough beer caps lying around.
  • Cut-out cupcakes which gives me a good reason to buy cookie cutters.

Reading is going great. I’m reading A Game of Thrones. Let me just say that 807 pages in 7 pt font is beastly. I think I’ve been reading for three days now and just made it to page 285. My little sticky bookmark looks so helpless, but I trudge on. The library will want this book back in a week.

The illustrious Dr. Hoey invited me to help edit an upcoming, online literary publication! I LOVE editing, so it’s a great opportunity to sharpen those skills and Danny is pretty awesome too. One of my few ‘ancient history’ friends.

Signed up to be a Yahoo! writer. I have a deadline for Tuesday. Think I started? No. But I’ll get it done. And hopefully without any errors. Gotta love comments sometimes.

It’s the little things that make me feel good. The idea that I’m going somewhere, that I’ve activated energy and it’s responding positively is pretty incredible. This is like a season of tremendous change all around and I have to admit that I like it. Toyota!


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