The first “official” tort and fill

I woke up this morning and decided that today would be the day I would actually try to tort and fill a cake. I’ve put two cakes together before and made a double-layered cake, but this time, I wanted to take two cakes and make four layers.

I started with my trusty white cake recipe from Betty Crocker and modified chocolate cake recipe from Patti LaBelle’s cookbook. The cakes came out beautifully. And that’s where all the trouble started.

While the cakes baked, I made the frosting. I was going to use the Betty Crocker fudge frosting recipe to ice the cake as well as fill them, but I guess doubling the recipe only meant that I made enough frosting to fill the layers. By the second batch, I was out of chocolate and didn’t want to make the run to the store for a Hershey bar. So I switched to chocolate buttercream.

Frosting and buttercream done and chilling, I decided to finally tackle the level and tort process. I used that cute little cutting tool that looks like a modified clothes hanger thinking it would result in a straight cake. Wrong. Somehow I managed to split the white cake unevenly and the chocolate cake…. Well, let’s just say that I only got one working layer out of that one.

Hours later, I finally finished the cake. Here’s the end result:

The first tort and fill cake

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