Cookies and Cupcakes and Frosting… Oh my!

Today marks a wonderful occasion. It’s my son’s 16th birthday. Earlier this week or maybe last weekend (the holidays really have me a little off), I had visions of cookie cups as cupcake holders. I knew it could be done and TK’s birthday was an occasion to try.

I have to interject here that what I see in my mind translate to life about 12% of the time. I saw the finished project in my mind all perfectly professional and tried to think backward. My goal was to create three different cookie/cupcake combinations: sugar cookie/almond cupcakes/lemon frosting, chocolate chip cookie/yellow cake/chocolate frosting and chocolate chip/yellow cake/vanilla frosting. Two cookies, two cupcakes three icings. I figured four hours total.

I used my Betty Crocker recipes for the cookies, cakes and frostings. I had no idea how many cups would come from the dough, so I measure and patted dough on the bottom of my largest cupcake tins:

I even measured so they'd all be even.

I was thinking “Chocolate chip cookies spread, so they may have a nice little rim. Fantastic!” What I envisioned and what actually happened were polar opposite:

What the...?

This doesn’t include the wonderful cookie dough baking in the bottom of the oven. A big mess, but the Cookie Monster came to my rescue and ate most of the excess.

Cookies. Jeah.

Back to the measuring board. Scaled back the dough a little and tried one more time. Eight minutes later, the second batch came out the oven.

Chocolate chip cookie lava

Still not thwarted (but the Cookie Monster is in a sugar coma), so I kept cookie remnants for ice cream attacks at a future date. Once cut from the cupcake pan, here is the end result.

Chocolate chip cookie cups

Having learned the lesson from the chocolate chip cookies, I figured less dough would net me the results I wanted. I also thought that sugar cookies won’t spread nearly as much as chocolate chip cookies. I mean, they’re rolled cookies not drop cookies, right?? Wrong.

Sugar cookie cups

The beauty though is that these were easily fixed with a cookie cutter. They came out great, but I threw away cookie remnants this time. I just couldn’t save any more cookie parts.

Thank you, cookie cutter

Cupcakes done (as you can see), just needed to make the frosting. Used Betty Crocker recipes for the vanilla, lemon and chocolate frostings. I modified the chocolate recipe slightly by adding two ounces of Hershey’s syrup and approximately two ounces of milk to get the right consistency. Hours later, all cupcakes in cookie cups were done.

White almond cupcakes with lemon buttercream in sugar cookie cups (and a few cookieless cupcakes)

Yellow vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream in chocolate chip cookie cups

Although this project took a LOT of time, I would do it again (and plan to) with other cookie and cupcake combinations, particularly double chocolate chip and peanut butter cupcakes or peanut butter cookies and chocolate cupcakes. Hmm….


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