Good Times in 2012
Fun is underrated

I’m starting off 2012 as a subscriber to more blogs than I can reasonably read in one morning. Blogs about cooking, baking and hair, three of my favorite subjects right now. Eventually I’ll find good book blogs and subscribe.

What I like about each and every one of these blogs is that they engage me. When I read the posts, I feel like I know the authors and am there with them listening to their funny stories or a shocked witness of kitchen mishaps. It feels real to me even though many of them are kinda famous. They’re…. fun.

What hit me this morning is that my funmeter is way off kilter. Yeah, I make people laugh, but the catalyst of my fun doesn’t seem to be, well, fun. It’s some function that results in endorphins that may be similar to fun, but not the old-fashioned, little-kid fun that I seem to be craving right in through here. I want the kind of fun that will make me do a jump like in the old Toyota commercials.

 So 2012 isn’t the year of bigger salaries, getting my sexy back, or any other relatively mature endeavor that reminds me of drinking tea with my pinky finger out. Nope. This year, I’m all about fun for fun sake, without apology. And what I feel in my soul is that it means a whole new approach to where I go and what I do. And – gasp! – that may even mean meeting new and different people (read: not black with, or contemplating, natural hair).

 The first big thing I realized: I haven’t been reading and I LOVE books. I set a goal of 24 books this year. So I started a book list and joined the Happy Hour Book Club . They seem like a fun group and who could go wrong mixing happy hour AND books?! I mean they’re two of my favorite things. Seriously! Since the beginning of the year, I’ve already read two books and started the third one Monday. I think I’m kinda fresh for that.

 The next big thing in 2012 is still a mystery and I even find that fun. I will say that some time this weekend there will be an experiment involving cookie cups, almond cupcakes and making a 16-year-old genuinely smile.


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