A Year of Locs

One year of locs

I had been meaning to write a post for  while.  I celebrated the first anniversary of the loc journey around November 22.

I’m not sure how I felt. I guess after a year, I thought I would feel some spiritual enlightenment or have a natural epiphany. Instead, I just rocked the locs. I read up a little more about them and realized that they may have reached the teenage phase. I also found out that should I change my mind about having them, I can spend several weeks unmatting each and every one and practically retain my hair length.  But other than a new ‘do, the day went by unnoticed.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love the locs and I sometimes regret not having locked my hair sooner. However, everything is a process and when I took the time to learn more about caring for them and making sure they’re strong enough to manage the length I want, I decided to create a new maintenance regiment. I realized that I haven’t been doing all I should to insure their strength and stability.

And that leads me to this great contest that happened to come along when I decided to make these changes. I’m not necessarily a big fan of the natural sites, but every now and then I come across one that I like and, as is my nature, become an avid fan of hair care routines, blogs and conversations about how I can treat my hair better. My newest blog subscriptions is to Rockin’ it… Napptural. It happened purely by accident. I happened to be on Twitterand happened to look a pictures in my timeline and saw three cute, natural hairstyles that made me proud I’d given  up my relaxed days. Several clicks later and I found myself at entering the Pirri Elements giveaway on the Rockin’ it site.

So if you’re so inclined, check out the Rockin’ it… Napptural site and enter the contest.


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