Decided it was time to start keeping a couple:

1. Personal growth: I have a lot of insight when I take the time to write down what’s bothering me and listen for the answers. I wanted to keep it online, but there’s something about handwriting everything that makes it way more intimate.

2. Cakes: Way too many ideas to try to keep in my head. And what’s cool is that I know I can make anything that my mind creates (or I wouldn’t have the idea). This one works best as a mini sketchbook since ideas seem to hit me everywhere, not just at home.

3. Kids: I sometimes feel like I lost a sense of self once I became a mother and one day, I want the kids to read about who I was when I was just being me, not Mom. There are a lot of things those babies just don’t know about their momma!

4. Jewelry: Even though everything is packed up, I still have ideas I want to create. I’ll have my space back soon enough.

5. Visual: There are just times when some things catch my eye. This one will probably be different from the rest because it will be a binder with drawings and pictures. Maybe I’ll even keep it online with folders. Some way to go to the exact category when I’m in the market to get something.


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