The Glass with Liquid

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the half full/half empty analogy. So much so that I really want to speak on the half empty part of it.

The glass half empty isn’t always symbolic of not seeing the bright side. Does the person who sees it half empty have to not be appreciative of the part that’s full? No. It recently dawned on me that the empty part is motivation to get to full. It’s a wake up call that in some area of our lives we can do better, we’re just choosing not to. That means work, school, relationships, personal growth. Is it okay to settle for what you have and not aspire to get to the next level? I would say no.

See the empty part, to me, also symbolizes what I request the Universe to manifest for me. If I don’t think that the Universe will work on my behalf and I’ve done all I can to make it manifest, the glass remains half empty or if what I say I desire is not what I truly desire, same result. I can’t say I want a 26-bedroom house out loud, but my heart’s desire is a four-bedroom home in a modest neighborhood. And then some things, well, our spiritual journey doesn’t include them this time around.

But let me also touch on the glass half full. It’s progress we’ve made. It helps us move on to getting the glass filled with juice (or gin depending on your preference). It’s our own little pat on the back for overcoming the big and small life obstacles. It could be as simple as not smashing a dozen Dunkin Donuts or as profound as leaving a toxic relationship. Whatever accomplished is worth celebrating.

Personally, I’m in a half empty scenario. Some things need to change. I’m proud of what I accomplished on my own, but it’s time to put the thigh muscles to work and climb higher.


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