Chocolate cake pops

To celebrate our supervisor’s birthday, I made cake pops with mocha chocolate icing, devil’s food cake and Hershey bars. Took them to work and a few people loved them. I can’t be sure, but I think everyone took one, which is about 12 people, but only four provided feedback. Almost made me not want to take anything else to work for sharing.

Anyway, I learned a lesson from the last time I tried to make the cake pops with this particular cake. The texture of the cake is soft, so adding too much icing resulted in a brownie-like consistency that, while tasty, isn’t conducive to cake pops. Out of the half recipe of icing I made, I used maybe three spoonfuls of icing to get the cake mixture to the right texture for the pops.

I also realized that I need to buy much more chocolate. The conundrum is wondering how much to melt at one time without wasting it. I tried using canning jars, but the opening was too small for a novice like me. Resealable, heat-resistant container? I need something that can withstand sitting in hot water, has a wide opening and can be easily stored for future use. I’m still thinking. Maybe Pyrex? But do those products even come with lids?

Keeping some kind of Styrofoam or florist block on hand will also come in handy. I don’t have the cake pop book anymore and I always forget that important step before I start dipping, which results in enlisting all available hands in the house to stand in front of fans. A funny thing to witness, but not very efficient.

I think cake pops will be a very good addition to The Bar, but I need more practice making them before I put it out that it’s on the menu. I’ll think of an occasion.


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