New ideas brimming at The Bar


Belle Collins
The drink that inspired the Bella

I’ve been thinking of my next cake creation and it came to me. I spent a good portion of late spring last summer trying to come up with a signature drink that I thought represented my style, but included gin and fresh mint. I flipped through the gin drinks and came across the Tom Collins and lo and behold, below the TC recipe was a Belle Collins, full of my three favorite components: sugar syrup, mint and gin.

I’ve decided to try both lemon and white cake in the Test Oven and see which one fares better. I believe the lemon cake probably would win, but then it may be too much lemon.

Cake list

My marketing people (read The Hero) told me I needed a list of cakes I’ll offer at The Cake Bar before July. He threw out an arbitrary number like 20 and I almost fainted. Almost. I have five in my recipe collections right now that are great: almond, yellow, Key lime, devil’s food and chocolate. I need to perfect more. I thought of adding strawberry and spice cakes. I also vaguely remember making a decent carrot cake, but I’m sure that was more than a decade ago. So far, the list consists of:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla (white or yellow)
  • Devil’s food
  • strawberry
  • pineapple
  • Key lime
  • lemon
  • almond
  • spice
  • carrot
  • German chocolate

From the base cakes, I’ve decided that I can make a variety of fillings, glazes, frostings and icings inspired by the mixed drinks. I also asked The Hero to taste the more manlier cakes that require straight shots instead of mixed drinks.

In our marketing efforts, we think that there are two business grand openings we can cater to get The Cake Bar name out there and get us started. Also some other smaller collaborative ideas to help and we’re going to start doing some long-term market research. But this weekend… Bellas coming out of the Test Oven.


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