Physical changes

Inspiration to be glamorous thanks to MAC

Okay… so I have a job that I don’t love. Not at all. I chose this job, but, to be honest, it bores me to death. I know that I have way more to offer a company until mine can support me, so I’ve decided that it’s time to do something about that.

This week is devoted to finding a job where I can get dressed again. There’s something about wearing nice clothes and taking time to apply make-up without worrying about getting dirty. There’s something about using my problem-solving skills, analyzing things, looking for efficiency, delegating, creating systems or updating outdated operations. I miss that enough to do something about it.

I also miss how I felt when I worked out. I stopped probably around Thanksgiving and thanks to some natural metabolism, I’ve managed to stay about the same as when I did work out in terms of pounds. What has happened though is that some of the toning I previously did is gone. I don’t look like Angela Bassett in ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ anymore and I don’t like that either. I also want to get back out and run, maybe get a bike and alternate those workouts in addition to getting my nice arms and chest back. My abs? Welll… I chalked that baby pouch up to just being extra skin. The muscles underneath are fine. The pouch is a byproduct of pregnancy war. We’ve come to an understanding though and I’m okay with it. I don’t wear two-piece bathing suits and belly shirts and it manages to look flat in everything else. We both win.

And the final thing is standing in my greatness. Sometimes I forget how fantastic I am when things get a little heavy. My cake project will work. Finding a new job will work. I’m going to get my hot body back. I need to focus and not get distracted. I expect to have all of things accomplished in six weeks. Starting tomorrow.


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