Back to basics

Devil’s food and strawberry daiquiri cup

The last few days I’ve been rethinking telling people that the cakes contain alcohol. Based on the responses of the people, I’ve told, I notice that the first thing they all say is ‘I don’t taste the alcohol’. Usually, that comment is followed by the cake still tasting good and a few pointers on how to improve it.

So I’ve been thinking about the taste tests. I believe that I’m going another way with the cakes. I still want to cater to an adult audience for the most part, but I think that there’s a better way to go about doing that. I figured that out Friday night at the food club. Since my target audience is about 97% of my friend base, I realize that presentation and differentiation are selling points, not ‘get geeked off this cake’.

The devil’s food and strawberry daiquiri cakes were popular, so much so that one person asked me to make some for the next day and another asked me to price them per cake. I felt like my hard work had finally paid off. I felt like what I initially thought coming in to this, to be different, reduce clean-up, make a good-tasting cake and present something pretty, would get me a lot further than touting liquor as the selling point.

While I won’t say what I’m going to do differently at the next tasting (in case the testers read this post), I will say that I’m going back to my original idea of making cupcakes and small cakes and promoting  those as great alternatives to traditional-sized and -shaped cakes.


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