Measuring = genius

I tried a new devil’s food cake recipe today. I made cupcakes before and wrote down how many ounces of batter to put in each tin to make uniform cupcakes. I made the new batter and realized it was more watery than that original cake batter I used as the guideline, but I put in the measured amount and baked them anyway.

The not-so-great batch

Diz-ass-tur! The poor cupcakes looked like chocolate rocks that someone would come and buy to throw at a horrible comedian. I was so hurt that I almost threw them away before tasting them. I ate one. Tasty deliciousness. Then I thought ‘well maybe this batter doesn’t translate to a cupcake’ and resigned myself to making a two-layer cake for The Hero with the remaining batter. Of course, my genius kicked in and I decided, what if I just increase the amount of batter I pour in each cup? Perfect solution. The next batch came out at the height I wanted and will be perfect for trying the strawberry daiquiri shots in the middle.

The better batch

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