Pineapple chronicles

Cake testing tomorrow so I’m up baking cakes tonight. I decided to try a new recipe based on the feedback from last tasting, specifically one that included sour cream to make the cake lighter.

Let me go back. The last post included a second, personal cake attempt that went over well. The cake and pineapple combination were great according to The Hero (the in-house taster). Loved it.

Back to today. I’m getting the books and recipes together and at the last minute, I decide to use a different, untested recipe. I don’t know if the error was because I don’t have a cast iron pan to bake it and instead used a nine-inch pan instead of 10, but what came out of the oven was awful…

I call it cake cobbler

Yes, this is what happened to the cake. The instructions said to flip the cake immediately and let it sit in the pan. Now… all my cake-dar went off, but I figured it was a published recipe by a renowned author and as a novice, I should trust the process.

Despite the appearance, the cake tastes pretty good. I won’t say that I prefer it to the cake I made last week, but it’s not as dense as the first attempt. Of course, seeing that I didn’t anticipate messing up the cakes, I didn’t have enough pineapples left for another cake, which meant a run to the store in the rain.

AND what’s even funnier is that while I lined the bottom of the oven with foil, the overflow caught fire. Yes, there were flames in the oven after I took the cake out. Not knowing what was actually burning, I threw a few drops of water on the fire only for it to flare up. Butter burning. My first instinct was to close the oven, but then I realized that it would be quite possible I’d burn down the house and who really wanted to be homeless in the rain, let alone losing everything because of cake frustration. So I handled the fire and set out to the store.

In a few, I’ll start the second batch and follow the instructions from my second recipe and call it a day. I’ll let the tasters decide tomorrow.


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