In support of… None of the Above

I feel like I’ve been bombarded lately with issues I should care about, things I should be riled up to change and more personally infuriated by collective wrongs. That doesn’t mean that some things don’t make me think (and result in me being upset), but I’m a firm believer that what you (collectively and individually) have is what you want.

Maybe I should backtrack. There was a time when I truly thought that I could help a whole population of people in either Cleveland or Columbus to move from point A to point B. I was generally frustrated because while I had an excellent idea, I couldn’t.cohesively put together a plan or articulate what made my idea much different from any number of current social services. I wanted it because I felt that at a time when I needed help and guidance most, someone was there for me. Seeing that I’d never done such a thing before, I called the only person who is old enough to tell me what I need to hear (not what I want to hear) and remind me of some things that I need to re-member. Called Dr. Whitten and here is what she told me:

“Deauna, you are a head. You let the hands of the world do that and keep on being a head.”

I tried to argue why I was technically still a head and delegating specific functions out to other people to make the project successful when she told me there’s a movement of consciousness and that’s where I needed to focus. Spiritually focus, not physically. Thoughts become words and words become deeds, but in order for anything to change, the heads of the world needed to focus on collective thought.

Back to today. I checked my email and saw that I’ve been invited to several discussions (virtual and physical) about improving the black race, making girls know they’re beautiful, redefining the image of women in society, and the dire consequences of the political change in Ohio and the nation. And I defiantly decide not to get involved.

But why not? These are all relevant topics, worthy of discussion and action on all our part. And I’d agree. In order to make change however, people have to be open to change. What I generally find in my life experience and dealing with people is that they don’t want to change. They want to keep putting in squares and expect circles. These changes are of course, not character changes, being someone we’re not. No. It simply means a person says they want to do something, be something, have something, yet are unwilling to do anything about it except talk about how much they wish said thing would occur.

The other part of why I can’t get on this bandwagon is because at our current rate of conscious development, these changes require patience. In a world of spontaneous instantation, if the change doesn’t happen before the end of the week, we quit. This is a lesson I’ve just learned within the last year working on the jewelry. We worry so much about an end result that we aren’t aware of the beautiful lessons taking place on the journey to that new thing. My best example is all political elections. Vote out the Republicans. Wait… the Democrats haven’t done anything (in two years mind you!) so let’s vote the Republicans back in along with a few Tea Party candidates to do something. Repeat the cycle every two to four years and we wonder why no progress has been truly made in response to public outcry.

The kind of change we’re looking for now cannot be obtained in the same old ways we keep trying to make it happen. At the current rate of evolution, I will be thrilled if my grandchildren truly create a viable third party in the major elections. So I’m going to leave the discourse and discussions, the anger and amping to those who enjoy it. What I will do with my time here is lead by example which means starting with me and then imparting my wisdom and the wisdom of those before me to my kids and their kids.


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